My son is 13 years old with dyslexia. I believe reading is an essential skill to succeed in life. Few months ago, a friend of mine recommended WizRead as a great tool to encourage my son to read. Today, thanks to WizRead, he is reading articles and books.

I’m 35 years old and I’m very pleased and happy to have the WizRead. This is the best gift I could give myself. With WizRead, reading and understanding all the emails I receive at work is a piece of cake. Perfect solution for people like me, who suffer from dyslexia.

My daughter (10 years old), has reading difficulties. Her aunt bought her WizRead. This is a wonderful tool that helps her tremendously with school tasks. Now she is spending hours reading on the Internet and she seems to be happier.

My granddaughter loves this program. Every time I come to visit, she shows it to me. I never thought I would hear her say: “I read it yesterday in the news…”